Thursday, August 24, 2006

august *

we practiced twice in august, but the months family leisure schedule hasn't slacked, so we are enjoying the summer and letting it run itself out.

here are two tunes from august.

1. release (your love)
by verne a.
i wrote this tune in march. it was a quick one off, 2 hours in the making. this is from a practice in jonathan's bedroom. i play electric and sing, jonathan plays electric and sings a little second harmony.

2. i don't want to do it
by bob dylan
this was a song that i originally learned to try and do with bobby 3 years ago when he was going to play the winery at dylanfest, but he was not asked to play. it was an unreleased tune by dylan, originally recorded by george harrison. i played it on acoustic and sang. jonathan took that demo and added the electric guitar.

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the get-go

in the beginning, i was asked to accompany little bobby and paige on dobro. i did that on and off for a year. then another guitar player was brought in to thicken the mix in preparation for a gig at the warwick valley winery. it gave me a chance to start switching around instruments, i started playing mellobar, organ, acoustic and electric guitar, especially electric guitar.

jonathan and i hit it off. we are about the same age, have families, love playing guitar, and don't have huge amounts of time to devote to musical stuff.

but here we are, we have started to git-together almost weekly, we are writing new material, arranging some old material. but playing.


noun: coterie kowtu(r)
an exclusive circle of people with a common purpose
noun: filiation 'filee'eyshun
inherited properties shared with others

ok, lesson over. thats just what i called it. this is a story of how i tried to assemble a band, and a record of the music created.

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