Tuesday, October 13, 2009

hootenany songs *

a friend has an informal term for a song people invariably request after a set of original music, people often want a song that they know, they can sing or clap along to. so, he does his regular set, and sprinkles on the "hootenanny's" at the end.

my very nature prevents me from from picking one which should accomplish the intended task, I inevitably pick one that is too obscure, blurring the distinctions between my songs and the intended "hootenanny" song.

this is one of my "hootenanny" picks, a raveonettes song from a few years ago. it may have been a big hit for them, but not big enough for most to be able to pick out.

i recorded it yesterday to see how i would do it, this is the beginning of the idea. i put on a straight drum loop and played along and sang over the loop.

1. the great love sound by the raveonettes
nocturnal twins

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