Saturday, July 21, 2007

nerve *

i wrote this song a long time ago, it sounded annoying and buzzing, so i am rewriting it. i wrote it in an evil sounding tuning, this is just a fragment of me playing and singing it so i could get the chords right.

1. nerve
by nocturnal twins

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Friday, July 20, 2007

on again, off again

jonathan says that he "quit the band", (his quotes), although we plan on doing things in the future. i like to say: jonathan is busy pursuing current projects but will be playing selected dates with his "on again, off again project", nocturnal twins...

however you slice it, i have to shift gears.

what to do? i really want to find a rhythm section and practice once a week.

how to achieve that?

i think i am going to try to play solo to get started on a new foot for a couple of reasons. it should instill a sense of disipline in my performing. it could also distill my songs by reducing the guitars down to one.

maybe in the course of playing solo i will find my rhythm section, i could pitch a help wanted request as part of my "solo act".

its all hard to say at this point, but i start tomorrow.

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