Sunday, June 03, 2007


i quote jonathan: "once I made the first mistake, i never looked back". we got together for our bi-monthly practice, we set up to record the whole thing since its a writing session, and thats when it took a turn for the worse! a series of compounding mistakes ensued.

to quote jonathan again: "it's not exactly true we got nothing. somehow, by dumb luck, managed not to entirely destroy the maria we did that I said had a reggae feel (it doesn't). we played it a bit sloppy, but what was great about it was that you jumped in and tried something different, which started to get me going. but by the time we really started cooking, i was well past being able to capture it on the hard drive.

there are no niceties like well mixed tracks and lush reverbs and such, guitars and vocals sit on the same track. and he said that we did much better versions; but this is what we have! it is sloppy, but i like it for its spontaneity.

1. maria (shuffle)
by nocturnal twins

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