Sunday, January 20, 2008

whatever happened? *

i was listening an earlier strokes record, and decided to do a cover of a song on it today. its not what i expected. but it is a cover.

on monday, i added two melody reinforcment guitars ie: lead passages, and did a slight remix with the added guitars.

1. whatever happened
the strokes

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1 comment:

milnersXcoupe said...

I like the Treatment - you've a Fine gruff Character Voice that most audiences will enjoy should you continue to develop your career in Music.

As an Exercise, gather together a CD worth of 'cover tunes' and have a go at them.

'The Hollies' guitarist Tony, would spend days at the Publishers sifting materials for the Group - beyond their own written compositions - a 'Business Plan' I consider worthwhile for any Artist.

Good Luck, Be Well, Do Good Work, don't forget the five bucks I lent you 38 years ago.