Saturday, September 23, 2006

celena *

i was listening to a conversation between my daughter and her friend, they were playing twins, she turned to me and said, daddy we are nocturnal twins. it sounds like a good name for the band, anyway, its the first suggestion!

here is another little snippet of a song, got the amp jacked today and "celena" popped out!

1. celena
by verne a.

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puddny said...

The general rhythm and chord changes sound very similar to that old song from 1967 by Every Mother's Son - "Come On Down To My Boat, Baby"

Don't need another "My Sweet Lord" going on

Verne A. said...

ooops, just listened to it, you are exatly right sir!

Anonymous said...

Well, Celena's funny to hear a song with your name listed as title. of couse i like it...
Are there gonna be any lyrics?