Saturday, September 30, 2006

girls always laugh at me *

bobby mentioned this song to me, i had heard it a long time ago, i really like it, so i did a quick recording of it to see if jonathan would be interested doing something on it. when i im'ed bobby and he was playing the song, he told me his daughter nikki was laughing at me.

nothing new...

so here is my version of a lucinda williams song.

1. essence
by lucinda williams

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1 comment:

milnersXcoupe said...

'essence' is an interesting rendition of a culit classic -

with the usual aplomb, Verne weaves the original lyrics with the thread of a new underlying set of 'impressions -

I like Vernes voice range this time > an Elvis Costello / Johnny Cash meld of churlish lip Rotten on 'ludes'.

Only from American NY Culture, Verne emerges from Shadows.