Monday, October 16, 2006

nocturnal twins *

we were making the last of the weeks communications, before jonathan returns to his alter ego, he gave the go ahead on the name of the ensemble, now we are semi-officially known as "nocturnal twins". the story of the name's origin can be found in post "celena"

over the weekend, jonathan took one of the practice songs, and overdubbed a break in the middle.

here is that altered version.

1. release (your love)
by verne a.
live performance with overdubbed break by jonathan

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Roger said...

Dana is a true musical artist who has spent his entire life bringing ideas and performances to all ages, and I am happy to say I knew him when, know him now, and can't wait to see a live performance this summer somewhere in New York!.....Roger Rocker, 6/2/13

Roger said...

Nobody should comment on their own comment, so I will not do that except to say, anybody reading this who agrees with my original posted comment, please add your two cents worth too! Dana has many friends so let's hear from you all!