Sunday, November 19, 2006

break down *

these are recordings from this thursdays practice. i just got finished discussing this with lb, i like the way the combination of acoustic and electric guitars sounds, but the tone on my plywood archtop, is not suited for this type of playing. i may have to break down and get an acoustic.

so, here are two tunes from the practice. my: release (your love), and we slowed down essence from the previously breakneck pace!

1. release (your love)
by verne a.

2. essence
by lucinda williams

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Jack Black of WHHLG, Newburgh, NY with
complimento grande to Verne for yet another tasty treat for any lucky audiences with ears and eyes too.
The graphics were hypnotic and reminiscent of the Filmore shows in NYC............keep it up Dana, even if it means to rent that Kinski flick and curl up to a big bowl of popcorn!

Jack B.