Tuesday, November 28, 2006

do do do'd *

this one has an interesting past. jonathan wrote the guitar part months ago and had been mulling it over, trying to write words for it. he recorded a version with a vocal where he "do do do'd" it through the song illustrating the intended melody. but he didn't give that to me. so i waited for quite a while because i didn't want to mess up his train of thought on the song. finally i decided that words from him might not be forthcoming, so i wrote a bass part, and a jangle guitar, then chorus words which i recorded and sent to him.

jonathan had mulled the song over for so long with his melody that he wanted to stick with it instead of what i had come up with. he sent me the "do do do'd" version, i dumped my words and vocal, and recorded two rock guitar tracks, in preperation for my upcoming words and vocal.

the song is loose and sloppy, mostly because jonathan had just dashed the original part down for memory's sake, and the other parts had to mesh with that producing a very loose feel. but i like it.

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Anonymous said...

you know how to "do do do" it Dana!
Thanks for keeping us all informed and musically perked!

Jack Black